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Privacy Policy

Our philosophy:

Privacy in medicine is a right and a necessity. We believe you should have the same right when you're looking for a new job or physician. We provide a secure environment in which individuals and facilities may communicate openly and freely. With discretion, we discover and offer winning solutions.

Your information is guarded and private. Your search is too. And, we'll take no action on your behalf without your permission.

Our commitment:

  • We do not build mail or email lists of information about our customers to sell them to outside parties.
  • Information asked of our physicians and practice settings is used only to improve our ability to provide quality solutions.
  • We want you to understand what we do with every bit of information we ask you to provide and why.
  • We always obtain physicians permission before we present them to a possible job. To the very best of our ability, your job search and physician search is kept confidential.
  • We respect your wish to opt-out of future communications.

How we gather information from our customers and what we do with that information:

When you visit our website: Any information gathered via the site (pages visited, browser used, etc.) is for statistical and site traffic analysis only, and does not and will not relate to individual visitors.

We do not gather or monitor your personal information or email with the purpose of contacting you without your permission. And, your information is not and will not be sold. Ever.

Your name and address from various Academies and Professional Organizations Masterfiles:

We purchase physician names and addresses regularly from these organizations to recruit new physicians to our services. We comply with all usage rules and regulations of these organizations and make every effort within our means to meet physicians wishes as to what they receive from our company now and in the future.

Information we ask you to provide voluntarily: In our database:

The information we collect grows as our relationship does. Initially, the ideal amount of information is very little we want to know the best way to reach you and a brief understanding of how our services can match up with your career and staffing needs.

In our database we store:

  • Name/title
  • Mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • How you learned of our company
  • Medical specialty/specialties
  • Your current career or staffing situation including where you want to work, what licenses you hold and when you are available or need extra coverage.

In our office: Copies of your documents and your paperwork are secure during and after office hours. Access to our office is by means of a secure entrance. Discarded paperwork and documents are shredded on site.

We operate with discretion and have strict privacy policies and ethics. You can trust Unisource Medical to provide excellent service and to treat you and your information with respect and confidentiality.