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Locum Tenens for Facilities and Practices

With today’s expanding health care industry and its contracting supply of physicians, physician vacancies are intensifying on most healthcare employers. These vacancies are forcing many hospitals and medical groups to turn to outside help to fill these open positions. Definitive results with minimal financial risk is an important factor in choosing the right physician recruiting firm. Unisource Medical has been providing solutions to medical groups throughout the United States since 1996.

Your Practice Depends On People

People who have the ability to heal, the power to comfort and the wisdom to make a difference in the lives of others.

Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are the revenue drivers for your healthcare organization. Unisource Medical (UMed) provides you with these extraordinary people exactly where and when you need them.

We offer

physician and advanced practice locum tenens and temporary staffing to minimize cost, provide both optimal and the continuity of care in virtually any practice environment. Being fully staffed means no diversions from your ED, an end to patients waiting weeks for an appointment, and/or the preservation of your referral networks. All of the revenue generated by UMed Locum Tenens, stays with your organization, so the service generally
pays for itself.

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