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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens is the Latin term used in ancient medical history which means "in the place of". Locums physicians and/or mid-levels provided by UMed take temporary vacancies in solo or group practices, on hospital staffs and in managed care organizations. Thus, in the strictest sense, a locum tenens physician/mid-level is one who temporarily fills in for another physician, etc. The term is now often expanded to mean a provider who is filling any gap in a medical staff, whether temporarily filling in for another, filling a vacancy until a permanent hire is placed, or even assisting with seasonal coverage needs.

These assignments may range from one-week to one-year commitments.

How will a Locum Tenens Physician and/or Mid-Level benefit my practice/facility?

Whenever a physician is absent from his practice for any length of time, UMed Locums physicians and/or mid-levels help fill the gap, allowing the practice to operate routinely without any discontinuance of service, thereby preventing a potential loss of patients.

How will my patients benefit from Locum Tenens?

Because UMed is selective in the Locum Tenens they contract; patients and practices have the reassurance that quality care will be available even when their practitioners are absent. They have access to full medical histories and there is no risk that records may be lost when sent to other locations. Patients never need to travel to a new medical facility or become accustomed to new support staff.

What are the benefits of working with UMed?

  • Supplemental full or part-time income
  • Weekly paychecks (direct deposit and Debit Visa/Mastercard available)
  • Maintain proficiency in desired area of medicine
  • paid malpractice insurance
  • flexibility of hours and schedule

What types of practice settings does UMed offer?

  • Emergency Centers and Urgent Care Clinics
  • Private Practices, Outpatient Clinics, Multi/Single Specialty Clinics, and Retail Clinics
  • Hospital Based Opportunities, Long Term Acute Care Facilities
  • State and Correctional Facilities, VA Facilities

Does UMed provide malpractice insurance coverage?

Yes, UMed provides policy limits of $1,000,000 for each claim and $3,000,000 Physician Aggregate with tail coverage from an AM Best rated A++, the best in the industry.

Can UMed assist me in finding a permanent position upon completion of my residency?

Yes. In addition to locum tenens, UMed can tailor a search to offer permanent position according to your practice and search parameters and can negotiate the best possible scenario for you and your family.

Can I moonlight with UMed as a locum tenens during my residency?

It is possible to moonlight and make more-than-a-little extra cash as a resident, when the right conditions exist. Does your program allow residents to moonlight? Does the hospital where you wish to work allow residents in your specialty to moonlight? Who will provide the malpractice insurance? For moonlighting opportunities through UMed, it will be necessary for you to qualify for coverage under UMed's occurrence form professional liability insurance policy.

What are some of the advantages of locum tenens vs permanent practice?

According to the latest research, on average there are close to 3 opportunities currently available for each locum tenens provider. Since the demand is greater than the supply, the choices available are numerous. Additionally, in some specialties locum tenens providers can make more money than they could in traditional private practice.

Providers doing locum tenens work are able to concentrate on patient care and avoid much of the paperwork associated with traditional practice. In a time when providers are being forced to discontinue their practice because of the high cost of insurance, recent surveys show that 81% of locum tenens providers don't have to deal with insurance issues!

Providers working in permanent practice must also deal with office politics, overhead expenses, administrative hassles, and seniority rank. Locum tenens offers residents the opportunity to get paid, improve their skills, experience different parts of the country, pad their CV with experience, and network with other providers- all while searching for the right permanent opportunity. Locum tenens allows you (and your spouse) the opportunity to check out different types of practices (solo, group, managed care, etc.) and live in different geographical regions.